The Healing Hearts Run returns to the Westshore

The Pacific Perinatal Foundation’s annual run is back to bring awareness about child loss and infertility

One in four women in BC have experienced miscarriages and pregnancy loss, and one in six Canadian women struggle with infertility. With an emphasis on supporting pregnancy loss and infertility, the second annual Healing Hearts Run will be held on Sept. 23 at Royal Roads University from 11am to 1pm to raise awareness and help the many families who have experienced child loss or infertility.

The Healing Hearts Run was started in 2022 by the Pacific Perinatal Foundation (PPF) as a way to bring the community together through shared experiences, to raise funds, and provide support and services for families across the Island. With a goal of raising $55,000 to support families with counselling, programs and support, the run is an important piece of the PPF’s mission.

“Last year we had physicians, midwives, counsellors, nurses, social workers—so many of the people who support families in our community were in attendance, really in solidarity and in support because it is something that all of us care really deeply about,” says Stephanie Curran, the co-founder of PPF. “I really look forward to gathering with the people who are going to come out who have lived through this and are still living through it ,because even when a loss has happened, however many years ago, it's always with you.”

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